About me


I am a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the Surrey Business School (University of Surrey, UK). I obtained a PhD in Sociology from Ghent University (Belgium). Before joining the Surrey Business School I was an Assistant Professor in Organisational Studies at VU University Amsterdam and a researcher/guest lecturer at the University of Groningen.


My research primarily focuses on using social network analysis to study organisational questions. I am especially interested in how advice seeking behavior, knowledge sharing, trust and conflict between employees comes about, and how it subsequently impacts employees, teams and organisational outcomes (such as performance, job satisfaction and turnover).

I have also been working on the development of methods for analyzing networks, on imputation techniques for solving missing data problems and on methods for building social support typologies for ego-networks. In addition, I have applied exponential random graph models (ERGM/p* models) to study cultural participation, inter-organisational networks, and (co)sponsorship among US senators.


I have published a number of articles on social network analysis in leading social science journals, including Social Networks, Human Resource Management and the Journal of Mathematical Sociology. Together with Martin Everett I was a guest-editor for a special issue on “Advances in Two-mode Social Network Analysis” in the journal Social Networks.


I teach courses on Organizational Theory, Organizational Behavior, HRM, Network Theory, Social Network Methods and Social Network Analysis applied to business, sociology and political sciences.


email: f.agneessens[at]surrey.ac.uk